Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 23

Today was a very busy day! I slept a little bit better so I woke up rested (so did mom and dad!) Mom and I went to the lactation consultant and I am sure you will be happy to know I am starting to do better breast feeding. After that we went to Alameda East so mom could pick up some medicine for Fluff. While we were there we met Dr. McAbee, the surgeon who removed Fluff's kidney stone, and Jean, the assistant to Dr. Santen, the doctor who is responsible for saving Fluff's life (if they didn't, I wouldn't have a fur-sister!) Then we went to the place mom used to work til March and saw all her old coworkers so they could get their fill of me. After that we were going to go home, but mom stopped by daddy's work so that all of his coworkers could meet me too. It's hard work being this cute and popular! But after a long day of being social, I decided that enough is enough - no pictures, no more being social for the day!

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